Hello me again, today I’m going to rant about my life AGAIN!

I know we have to be grateful ALWAYS! And truthfully I kind of have everything I used to pray for but why am I so miserable? ahhhhhh actually I have found the source of my headache and  you know what they say when you find the source it much easier to find the cure? well in my case not really.

I know that my current job stress me out majorly… Like I will be dragging my butt out of the bed everyday to go to work. I’m super demotivated. But it’s not like I can not working and stay home, momma need to earn money to shop -_-

Dilemma, dilemma. I really2 want to quit  because I worry about my mental health, like literally the job stressing me out, not the job la, it’s my boss to be honest. Like I’m not perfect. I admit that hence I often made mistakes although I tried my best not to. Sometimes because I love to procrastinate I bound to have problem but one thing for me is that I’m fast I can finish job like in an hour or so no problem. Still my boss love to find my mistakes likeeee bitch please if you want to have a prefect PA please hired an angel or something, plus I have no PA background and most job I did is ad-hoc job nothing to do with being PA. LIKE I NEED A RAISE  if I have to do everything.

Feels so good to rant here but much better if I quit.

P/S: Can I get everything I want pleaseeee



Drama Review: Fight for Our Way

kim-ji-won-park-seo-joonSo if you are like me, a millennial you definitely can relate to this Korean Drama, yes guys another Korean Drama 😉

This drama is about this four youngster who has different dreams and try to achieve it in this challenging world. So like if you are still studying and your parents still support you, you not yet face the challenge. In real world, like job world; it’s totally different. You met your annoying boss, bitchy colleague and a lot of weirdo, trust me. This drama is totally close to our heart.

The main characters are Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra, they have besties which are, Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee. So Dong Man, Ae Ra and Seol Hee are childhood friends. Joo Man come later and become Seol Hee 7 years BF. I feel more related to them since I also had 7 years long relationship. They live in this really poor neighbourhood since at the beginning of the drama all of them is doing lousy jobs just to earn money. I feel you, this is my life right now.

Dong Man dreams is to become a fighter as he was National Taek Kwan Do fighter before something happened and destroyed his dream. Meanwhile Ae Ra dreams is to become an announcer aka anchor but after a lot of interview she realise it’s hard to achieve. Thus their journey for their dream began. Wait K-Drama without love story? not likely! in the meantime this story focus on Ae Ra and Dong Man relationship how both of them refuse to believe they have feelings for each other.

I rate this drama 3.5/5, it’s not bad very light drama and easy to enjoy!

P/S: When will achieve my dream?



Travel Solo pt.2


(Not my picture)

The first day I arrived around 11 am, I need to wait until 2 pm to check in so I waited at the hostel cafe on the roof top. I spent the afternoon sleeping because I took super early flight and I cannot sleep in the flight. At evening around 6, I went to the night market. It was a big and a happening night market. A lot of food stalls, massage, and souvenir shop. For muslim, you kind a have to be careful because most of the restaurant that sell food like rice, tom yum etc put pork in their dishes. But if you eat crepe I think that should be okay.

On second day, around 6.30 am the rider that I paid to take me to Angkor Wat arrived. So to enter the temple area you have to buy ticket first. I bought 3 days ticket which cost me around 70USD. It’s worth it! So firstly I went to Angkor Wat itself. So pretty, amazing and big. I went to each temple inside Angkor Wat and I stayed there for  about 6 hours. But if you want to spend less time there is okay also. The reason I came so early  in the morning is because I wanted to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat (so freaking magnificent).

Third day I went to Bayon temple, it’s a Buddha temple. I think it’s call a temple of 100 Buddha faces and oh boy it is right. You can see a lot of Buddha sculpture. So in that area there are also 2-3 pyramid look a like temple.So it took me about 5 hours over there. I ate my lunch there, I still afraid to eat rice with dishes since I don’t know what’s in it. From what I can see the halal industry at Siem Reap is still so-so. To be save just bring maggi, breads and milo.

The fourth day, I decided not to go to the Angkor Wat Area and went to other tour guide to go to Phnom Kulen. Phnom Kulen is where a beautiful waterfall is and the journey took me about 4 hours and cost me 55USD. The waterfall is big and pretty but the water kind of shallow.  I also went to temple inside a jungle, there you can see a big Buddha chilling.

On the fifth, I decided to ride a bicycle to one of the lake at Siem Reap. But it is not Tonle Sap. I cannot remember the name (give me a break, it’s been a year)  it’s far and the local people said it’s too far and too hot for me to cycle  So this is where I proved that I am strong enough to cycle! Since there is no beach at Siem Reap, they treat the lake like a beach. They were like picnic and stuff. For Malaysian it’s a rare seen! I ate som tam there it’s a mango salad but they also put soft crab shell in it. It’s cost me 3Usd so at that time it’s about RM9 (Super expensive).

All and all the conclusion from this trip are, 1. Do research! if you are alone you have no one to rely on so do research and wrote it in your notebook or phone because you need it! where you want to go, which hotel or hostel is better, how’s the transport work there and many more. 2. Bring enough money. You don’t have anyone you can borrow from so please bring enough money so that if you encounter any emergency you wouldn’t freak out so much. Bring credit card if you have one. 3. Go to more solo traveler friendly hotel, hostel. So you can meet new people and make awesome friends! 4. Just in case, especially for girls please be prepare for extra safety. Pepper spray, whistles and taser! You never know.

Till next travel!

Drama Review: Younger


I don’t know why I don’t watch this series earlier! like as soon as I know about it, because I notice this series like couple years ago. But I didn’t watch it when I first knew about it. But I ran out of drama series to watch and Hilary Duff is in it so I was like, why not?

This drama is based on a book with the same title, Younger. This drama revolve around Liza, a forty years old divorcee who found out her whole world collapse when she found out her husband cheated on her. Then she need to find a job in order to support herself and her daughter. She went to every publishing company but they didn’t hire 40 something year old lady since the 20 something also has the qualification to do the job. This when it all happen, Still Liza, butttt 26 years old now, yeah she kind a cheated her age to get a lousy job. A Personal Assistant that is!

So now she got the job, a PA to this awesome lady boss, at first watching this you will not find her as awesome boss but soon you will 😉 and because she is old, she kind a handle it pretty well, oh how I want Liza experience but in my age duhhhh. so at that company, she met Hilary Duff or known as Kelsey, they became best friend because Kelsey is a nice person who help Liza a lot. To make matters complicated, Liza has a new boyfriend around my age, a cool tattoo artist name Josh, and Josh practically in love with Liza and yes he doesn’t know her real age….  but then he knows, I can’t remember how he knows, but good news he still love her, or does he? well you need to watchhh if you want to know!

See how complicated is that? I mean like you have this other life you have to hide from this new people you just meet. I watched this series untill season 3 to be honest, then I don’t have time to watch it but I am planning to continue becauseeeee well the story line is good and full of surprise, definitely can be categorized as guilty pleasure drama series. Guys watch it pleaseeeee, for god sakes, Hilary Duff in it, and when is the last time you guys watch Hilary Duff in TV? I know, it was when she Guest Star in Gossip Girl right? like thousand years agooooo.


P/S: Hmmmm but if you are 40 you definitely don’t want to admit it right?


New Year

I stopped having new year resolution like 5 years ago. Because I know how useless it is, like literally. I never ever do it so why bother?

But this year I was like let’s have new year resolution, like a doable one. So I think of few,

  1. Reading more books. Sooo I read so less book last few years, which is super sad. I love bookssss,
  2. Save money, this sound so impossible because I spent so much on shopping, but I will try.
  3. Pray 5 times a day, like no skip
  4. Be kinder, to everyone. To my family especially! Never too late.

I think this list is doable right?

P/S: It’s okay just to recycle your last year resolution.

Married Life

You heard it right folks, I am married!!!! like how it’s happen? well it happened during the time I’m not writing this blog, since I’m busy with wedding preparation and life.

How’s the wedding??? well it’s super long to tell so another post for the wedding 😉 so this post definitely going to skip the wedding and straight to my married life. Hmmmmm I have nothing but grateful for everything, I’m not yet experience a full married life since we still didn’t live together yet, but we are planning on doing it next year which is going to be in 2 weeks, like 2018 is super near y’all *gasps*

The married life as I experienced it so far had been wonderful, I mean we known each other for like 10 years; next year, and been together for 7 years now married to each other for about 5 months, plus minus and yetttt there is still so much I didn’t know about my lovely, deary and amazing husband. Like literally he is all that, lovely, deary, amazing and so many more words can’t describe. I mean I know him before, but nowwwwww, he is more wonderful. So I can’t be more grateful that I married my husband. Thank you Allah 🙂

At first it was kind of hard adjusting life as a husband and wife, we both confuse and lost, still are mind you. But we are learning and it was super awesome. Of course me, a lazy and love to sleep person don’t want to change my habit, I would rather die than change it but as a sane person, I have to do something, I can’t continue lazing around my bed, watching movies, drama series and everything internet has to offer, can I?

But my husband is a patient person, like Korean drama would say, you must save a country in your previous life to get this kind of luck, maybe I did 😉 he wanted to changed me, in a good way but he do it slowly and patiently that my stubborn ass felt so sorry for him and decided, okay I’ll do it for you. But change need time, I mean you want me to jog in the morning? that pushing it mister! he also wants us to pray together, which is good and as a good wife and muslim, I should obey buttttt I felt like, the request disturb my lazy ass so sometimes I rebel. And since he was understanding husband we made an agreement that we pray together 3 times a day instead of 5, where I am okay with that.

I am a stubborn human being, there’s a lot of thing piss me off so disturbing my movie times was one of it, you can understand why I fought so hard for my right, can you? When I mean change it’s not like he wanted for me to be someone else, he just wanted me to adjust my time for him, okay? I’m still a feminist in heart and I don’t think it’s right for a guy to ask a woman to change her behavior just for him.

I don’t cook everyday for him since we are not living together, but we do have weekend home so every free weekend we stay together, sometimes I cook, most of the times we eat out. But when I cook, he also want to be in the kitchen to help, which I think so amazing. Even when I want to cook for him like a good wife I am he wanted to help -_-. Thank you to my MIL for raising such a rajin boy that like to help woman in the kitchen 🙂 and now I’m sick he literally do everything 🙂

I think that’s all for now, okay my husband is not beside me forcing me to write wonderful thing about him. In fact he is at work leaving his laptop behind so his sick wife is not lonely.

P/S: Is blogging still cool? or is it too early 2000’s?




Kursus Kahwin

If you live in Malaysia and if you are a muslim you must know that in order to get marry you must go to this kursus kahwin (marriae course). They will give you certificate that said, yes you can get marry…

So I went one last week since I’m going to get marry this July. I am a bit skeptical to go at first but this thing has to be done in order to get marry so I don’t have choice. I am skeptical because I really don’t think this two days course will change anything. after all if you look at statistic it said that 11 Malaysian couple divorce every 1 hour so you can just imagine how bad the situation is in Malaysia. I guess 50% or more went to the course. But of course I learn a lot from the course, they teach the procedure to get marry in Malaysia which I appreciate it so much.

They also teach? share? reasons why husband and wife argue a lot and yes, we can take this as part of education? but I can’t help but think that the speaker is a bit sexist. I can tolerate this a little but not sexist+sexual lecture, it’s really is annoying.And it get more complicated when everything is in the name of religion.For example, since Islam allow the husband to marry more than one, that thing is always been repeated as joke. Like really? then the speaker had nerve to say how if wife can’t have sex with husband during period and the husband is super horny what can the wife do so that the husband don’t marry another. Well if you are that shallow and easy I guess that’s how you decide -_-

But of course, there are things I agree with. But not that many hence I cannot remember any, see it’s rhyme! but they also gave situation that lead to divorce for us to take it as lesson, since they are also counselor and had to deal with this a lot of time. They also said that guy tend to be more skeptical to attend counseling for the reasons god know why and she remind to all husband to be, to be more open mind about it. It’s not like you air your dirty laundry in public.

I really hope this course will change as time change, make it more woman friendly? I mean the sharia’ law definitely favors the husband more than the wives and that is something that need to change!