Movie Review: Annihilation


Another awesome movie to reviewwww. So this movie is not box office movie kind a thing because it’s only show in Netflix. This movie stars, Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Gina Rodriguez and many more. Definitely a great movie you can enjoy with your husband and friends. Quite boring at time because this movie gives you a lot of thinking time.


It start with Natalie Portman, in class teaches Biology I assume at an University, so safe to assume she is some kind of Professor. Then we discover her husband lost in a military mission. So she kind a sad all the time. Magic happened, her husband comeback after like a year missing. Her husband got sick suddenly and she went to the hospital but secret government agency come to take her husband.

She discovered her husband went to this shimmering electromagnetic field that exist because of meteor hit earth and the field is growing. Natalie Portman offered herself to join the mission with few others, soldiers and scientist. The discover that place capable of making all living thing in there mutate and the simmer act as prism. Hence the mutation become so crazy. You can watch to see how crazy it get.

I think that’s all I will explain, the rest you watch by yourself because this is great movie and need your attention 😉



Changing Malaysia

Next week, Malaysia is going to have it’s 14th Election and I believe this is the biggest Election to date. Why I think that? it’s because Malaysia former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir decided to create a new party call Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and make a coalition with other opposition party to form Pakatan Harapan in order to defeat Barisan Nasional who has been Malaysia Government for the past 60 years plus. You have to understand that Tun M is from Barisan Nasional and he was former President of the party. So when he decided to turn the other way, the Barisan Nasional peeps felt betrayed but no as much as Tun M himself, because he is the one that help the current PM to be in power and now look what happened….

I personally think the reason Tun M  left the former party and create the new one because DSN is a bad Prime Minister. Tun M saw it and felt he has to do something. I believe that is the story even other people kept saying the reason he rebel is because DSN refuse to help Tun M children. That is pure bullshit! hello? DSN government is based on money from the top until bottom and suddenly he doesn’t want to help Tun M children because it’s wrong and he got morale? I think not. Tun M love Malaysia so much and all it’s children in it, and we Malay are his favourite children. Yes he is biased even racist but that doesn’t make him a bad PM. He was awesome when he was a PM. Brave, courages, smart and a little cunning, open mind and most importantly he help Malaysia to where it stand now. He got all the quality and that’s why Malaysian still pinning over him to take over the country.

I know everyone got their own reason to vote for the Party they believe in and even I judge the decision but I cannot stop it. I just hope when you decide you decide for better Malaysia. Not because you want your race get better treatment form the other or not because you think your party can help you to got to heaven.  It’s already 2018 and it’s time for Malay to move on and help themselves. And I hope the baby boomer generation don’t look down at my generation by saying we still need the government to help the Malay to succeed because we don’t need it anymore. Everywhere I go, I saw the Malay success story and I am proud. The corrupt leader has got to be thrown away. We need a better Malaysia, sticking to the same government for the past 60 years is not going to help.

Also, fyi my generation does not complain about everything! for some reason people think that the reason we want to change the government because we have a hard life? yes, the motor oil has become expensive, so does everyday essential and especially the house price but that are not the only reason we want change, I personally think despite all of these life goes on, we can complain but it’s not like we can change anything, So we just try our best. But the corrupt government? that we can change!


West Australia: Perth


I went to Perth with my fam bam, minus my 2 sisters. We went there because my parents wanted to visit my aunt who lives there and also for a vacation. All in all going to a country  more develop than Malaysia is such an eye opening experience. So my family fly to Perth a day earlier than me so when I arrived my family pick me up, Perth time is exactly the same like Malaysia. So there is no jet lagged  just weird out by  the weather.

First day we didn’t  do nothing much since when I arrived it’s kind a dark already. But the second day my aunt took us to the beach. What you have to know about Perth is that it surrounded by awesome beach. My sibling and I went for a little swim but my parents and my aunt just relax by the beach. The beach is so clean and clear but what freak me out is that they have this net to prevent us from shark, and people there just like okay, no big deal. It’s only shark;we are Australian mate! Then we go to, I’m not sure where we went but the place is call Penguin island. It’s not much to see but the island is pretty and the weather is super windy and cold. And yeah we can watch Penguin show. But it’s not like there is Penguin everywhere.

Since I don’t remember in detail what day we did what, so this story is going to be confused but I try to be as detail as I can. Then we go to Perth City, I really love that in Perth the building is not that tall but very pretty. I think they have law like they cannot build a building taller than 7 storey?  We didn’t do much there, only shopping. They have a lot of shop and you are going crazy there if you love to shop because I did become crazy a little.All the Australian  brand is there, so heavenly! But what I really love is Target because it super cheap. I got a pair of sandal for 5 Aud. See I am such a good shopper!

Then I also went to Fremantle. Fremantle is a Port City, so you can see this huge ship around it. But it also have this market where you can buy cheap souvenir and the seller can speak Malay so that always amusing watching non-Malaysia speaks Malay 😉 In addition, this place is famous with fish and chips and the most famous is Cicerello’s Landing. The price is okay I guess you can add on stuff if you like so the price is really base on what you order. The standard price for fish n chips there is about 7Aud? but I really can’t remember.

The next day? or not, we went to Wildlife Park in Caversham. It’s like a zoo plus petting zoo. In this park most of the animals are from Australia. Kangaroo, Koala and many more! I absolutely love this visit the most. Did you know,we cannot pat Koala with the palm of our hand? only the back! See reading my blog can give you new knowledge! Then we had a little picnic there, lepaking and watch my little cousins play. I visited so many places also, for example another famous beach in Perth call Cottesloe Beach, a lot of people there so we only took pictures.

Perth is such a beautiful place, If you love such a relax and lay back place you should visit Perth. It surrounded by nature and beautiful animals. I saw Kangaroo laying around under a big tree, such a scene 🙂 There are so much beautiful beaches and place to visit so yea if you love nice scenery why not go there?

P/S: 2 post in 2 days??? what??


Food Review : Kfry Urban Korean


My first food review everrrr. So I was thinking since I did review for everything, why not add another review for food because I am typical blogger -_- thus here we are, at my first food review.

I went to Kfry with my bestie, it’s located at IOI City Mall Putrajaya.  This restaurant is super hype so we have to wait for like 1.5 hours just to get a seat. You can book beforehand but this restaurant allocated 30% for booking and 70% for walk in and unfortunately when I call it’s already fully book, hence the long que T_T

So is this restaurant live up to the hype? Well, it was okay, We ordered 3 dishes, the famous cheesy chicken which cost RM49.80, Tobbokki and Ramen forgot what the other dishes cost but the total are 134.80 oh yes, we also ordered bingsoo, mango bingsoo, you just need to order one since is super size and you can eat it up to 4 people.

The cheesy chicken. is good, we ordered the spicy one, not that spicy I can totally eat it no problem, the cheese was okay not too overwhelming. The seafood tobbokki is so-so, definitely I had taste better tobbokki with half the price. The Ramen is not worth it, not because it’s not delicious but it was like samyang, the spicy noodle, So if you want to order ramen maybe you can order the soup kind.

Kfry is sooo hype, but the food is okay, so I understand why it so famous. Beside IOI Kfry also located at JB and Batu Pahat Johor.

Happy eating guys!

P/S: Diet? what diet? RIP diet


Hello me again, today I’m going to rant about my life AGAIN!

I know we have to be grateful ALWAYS! And truthfully I kind of have everything I used to pray for but why am I so miserable? ahhhhhh actually I have found the source of my headache and  you know what they say when you find the source it much easier to find the cure? well in my case not really.

I know that my current job stress me out majorly… Like I will be dragging my butt out of the bed everyday to go to work. I’m super demotivated. But it’s not like I can not working and stay home, momma need to earn money to shop -_-

Dilemma, dilemma. I really2 want to quit  because I worry about my mental health, like literally the job stressing me out, not the job la, it’s my boss to be honest. Like I’m not perfect. I admit that hence I often made mistakes although I tried my best not to. Sometimes because I love to procrastinate I bound to have problem but one thing for me is that I’m fast I can finish job like in an hour or so no problem. Still my boss love to find my mistakes likeeee bitch please if you want to have a prefect PA please hired an angel or something, plus I have no PA background and most job I did is ad-hoc job nothing to do with being PA. LIKE I NEED A RAISE  if I have to do everything.

Feels so good to rant here but much better if I quit.

P/S: Can I get everything I want pleaseeee


Drama Review: Fight for Our Way

kim-ji-won-park-seo-joonSo if you are like me, a millennial you definitely can relate to this Korean Drama, yes guys another Korean Drama 😉

This drama is about this four youngster who has different dreams and try to achieve it in this challenging world. So like if you are still studying and your parents still support you, you not yet face the challenge. In real world, like job world; it’s totally different. You met your annoying boss, bitchy colleague and a lot of weirdo, trust me. This drama is totally close to our heart.

The main characters are Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra, they have besties which are, Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee. So Dong Man, Ae Ra and Seol Hee are childhood friends. Joo Man come later and become Seol Hee 7 years BF. I feel more related to them since I also had 7 years long relationship. They live in this really poor neighbourhood since at the beginning of the drama all of them is doing lousy jobs just to earn money. I feel you, this is my life right now.

Dong Man dreams is to become a fighter as he was National Taek Kwan Do fighter before something happened and destroyed his dream. Meanwhile Ae Ra dreams is to become an announcer aka anchor but after a lot of interview she realise it’s hard to achieve. Thus their journey for their dream began. Wait K-Drama without love story? not likely! in the meantime this story focus on Ae Ra and Dong Man relationship how both of them refuse to believe they have feelings for each other.

I rate this drama 3.5/5, it’s not bad very light drama and easy to enjoy!

P/S: When will achieve my dream?



Travel Solo pt.2


(Not my picture)

The first day I arrived around 11 am, I need to wait until 2 pm to check in so I waited at the hostel cafe on the roof top. I spent the afternoon sleeping because I took super early flight and I cannot sleep in the flight. At evening around 6, I went to the night market. It was a big and a happening night market. A lot of food stalls, massage, and souvenir shop. For muslim, you kind a have to be careful because most of the restaurant that sell food like rice, tom yum etc put pork in their dishes. But if you eat crepe I think that should be okay.

On second day, around 6.30 am the rider that I paid to take me to Angkor Wat arrived. So to enter the temple area you have to buy ticket first. I bought 3 days ticket which cost me around 70USD. It’s worth it! So firstly I went to Angkor Wat itself. So pretty, amazing and big. I went to each temple inside Angkor Wat and I stayed there for  about 6 hours. But if you want to spend less time there is okay also. The reason I came so early  in the morning is because I wanted to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat (so freaking magnificent).

Third day I went to Bayon temple, it’s a Buddha temple. I think it’s call a temple of 100 Buddha faces and oh boy it is right. You can see a lot of Buddha sculpture. So in that area there are also 2-3 pyramid look a like temple.So it took me about 5 hours over there. I ate my lunch there, I still afraid to eat rice with dishes since I don’t know what’s in it. From what I can see the halal industry at Siem Reap is still so-so. To be save just bring maggi, breads and milo.

The fourth day, I decided not to go to the Angkor Wat Area and went to other tour guide to go to Phnom Kulen. Phnom Kulen is where a beautiful waterfall is and the journey took me about 4 hours and cost me 55USD. The waterfall is big and pretty but the water kind of shallow.  I also went to temple inside a jungle, there you can see a big Buddha chilling.

On the fifth, I decided to ride a bicycle to one of the lake at Siem Reap. But it is not Tonle Sap. I cannot remember the name (give me a break, it’s been a year)  it’s far and the local people said it’s too far and too hot for me to cycle  So this is where I proved that I am strong enough to cycle! Since there is no beach at Siem Reap, they treat the lake like a beach. They were like picnic and stuff. For Malaysian it’s a rare seen! I ate som tam there it’s a mango salad but they also put soft crab shell in it. It’s cost me 3Usd so at that time it’s about RM9 (Super expensive).

All and all the conclusion from this trip are, 1. Do research! if you are alone you have no one to rely on so do research and wrote it in your notebook or phone because you need it! where you want to go, which hotel or hostel is better, how’s the transport work there and many more. 2. Bring enough money. You don’t have anyone you can borrow from so please bring enough money so that if you encounter any emergency you wouldn’t freak out so much. Bring credit card if you have one. 3. Go to more solo traveler friendly hotel, hostel. So you can meet new people and make awesome friends! 4. Just in case, especially for girls please be prepare for extra safety. Pepper spray, whistles and taser! You never know.

Till next travel!