It’s hard, if anyone tell you planning a wedding is not hard, him/her gotta be a big fat liar!

So I’m getting engage, by the time I post this article, I probably already become some one fiance! cross fingers >.< I don’t know how to feel, people kept asking me but I’m like  I didn’t feel anything… cool as cucumber no? hahah it’s a NO. I am so stress out right now. It’s probably because it’s is my faults but it’s too late to cry T_T

I determined to do everything for my engagement DIY, because I badly want to safe money and I did safe money. But it is hard and stressing me out.


So first of all is my dais, it is simple, hipster like dais. Well at least that’s what’s on my mind! I almost get it. It is all white with sofa, see-thru curtain, just a minimal amount of flower and…. I wanted a fairy light. But I bought a wrong one and it’s already cost me RM72. I bought it at TYPO and now I realize it super overprice because the light is so not amazing! So now I have to find a new fairy light.  NEW COST ALERT


Secondly, hantaran! this one is really make me want to cry!!!  First of all what you need to know when you want to do your own hantaran is how much flower it will need. it will need A LOT. So please beli banyak2 like so banyak! I only managed to do one! with the flower I bought. HAHAHAHA

bj kurung

I plan to do a simple dress for the engagement, a baju kurung modern with little lace and my mom sewn pearls on it! it’s pretty and dreamy. The kain cost me RM38 and the upah menjahit is RM50, But the lace cost me whooping RM59! it is crazy! I dunno if you guys think it is cheap but not to me! so the total cost is about RM147

I think that’s  about it now, but I will update on the wedding later. Wish me luck

p/s: Not engaged yet!





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