Travel Solo pt.1

This is not a post on how to travel solo, this is a post on how I did my solo travel and things I wish I knew about earlier.


So on end of March 2015 I decided to travel alone to Cambodia. It is my 2nd time travel abroad and my 1st travel alone. It’s sound crazy to people I knew when I told them about it, but it’s also exciting! I knew nothing about Cambodia but I do know it is a home of Angkor Wat, an amazing Hindu temple. The reason why I chose Cambodia, Siem Reap to be exact is because no one I know has been there. So it is this whole new world that I got to discover without 3rd person opinion.

funky hostel

So I book my flight ticket with Air Asia, it cost me about RM400++ 2 ways, I book my hostel thru, the hostel is foreigners own call Funky Flashpacker cost me RM175 for 5 nights). So I’m all set, to go!!! so excited but at the same time nervous as hell. So my bf sent me to airport with heavy heart, he against my decision to travel alone, he said I’m too small (5 feet) and I looked weak which I strongly disagree and I will prove it later.

When I arrived at Siem Reap I noticed the airport is small and really poor looking but all the facilities working just great. I decided to took a motorcycle to go to my hostel (cost me around 3USD), I had a choice of taxi, bus or motorcycle so I chose the 3rd option. I had a small conversation with the rider and he told me that the hostel I chose is foreigner own and complained it is not good and a bad news for local own hostel. I also kind a regret my choice because when I arrived at my hostel I notice most of the people is foreigners (it’s not like that is bad) but when you go to other country you want to see it people, this hostel is so western.

The rider also offer to take me to all the temple around Siem Reap with his motor and he charged me around 100USD (this is obviously a fraud) but I didn’t know till the end of my trip. See this is the kind of thing I which I knew beforehand! First I declined, I said I need to think first but he convinced me that the temple is so many and faraway, so finally I said yes (but I’m not completely regretting it) read more for whyyy >.<

So this hostel is near the Siem Reap town (took me 10 minutes walking), which has night market (open every night), bank (a lot of bank but for Malaysian it has Maybank and CIMB), one and only halal restaurant that serve Khmer food and Grand Hyatt Siem Reap. It’s not a big town (or city?) but it’s  has everything you need. The hostel is pretty and awesome so my room is for 12 persons and the bed is double decker. It has air-cond (thank god) since Siem Reap is hot probably hotter than Malaysia at that time. The bed is big and comfortable, it has a locker under the bed so I can put my bag.





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