Movie Review: Spotlight

I thought I should do movie review. But of course I’m not going to be ‘the expert’ it’s totally going to be my point of view and I wanted to do the not really commercialize movie like Spotlight. Commercialize movie is movie that is heavily promoted. Example: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, etc. etc. I will also make a review on the commercialize movie I really like but I will focus on the low profile kind of movie first. Because these are the movie you guys should watch, such an eye opening!



Spotlight is starred by Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdam, Micheal Keaton, Stanly Tucci (my fav, such an amazing actor) and many more households name. It won Best Picture in the last Oscar and get 96% in Rotten Tomatoes so you guys can guess how awesome this movie is! So this story basically about priest in Boston that molested kids from their church and a group of reporter from Boston Globe tried to make the story to the public eye. But you know it’s hard because it’s priest! they suppose to be all holy! And a lot of higher people try to stop the story from happening because church is such a strong organization that connect people in Boston. They interviewed the molested kids who most of them are grown up and called themselves survivor because they are! Some of the molested kids kill themselves. They also interviewed the priest and one of the priest didn’t think what they did is wrong, so you see what the problem here. The scarier part is that, Church know about it and keep it hiding. What they did is transferred these priest around where this priest will continue to do the same to other kids! Unfortunately, 9/11 happened so they have to stop about this priest story to focus on the 9/11. So this story took months to publish.


This is a true story and I am a sucker for movie based on true story. This story simply make you very afraid of religious body and it’s not only in US but the whole world. Because Catholic Church covered it up from the top. I am not a Christian but still knowing all these kids get molested by the person they trusted the most? that is a nightmare! Some of the parents even agreed to keep it in secret. How is that making any sense. Religion is important but to not know the different between right and wrong? I don’t know about that.

So this story definitely in must watch list! keep on reading to read more movie review, you guys might even find the right movie for you guys!


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