Post E-day

Yes, I ‘m engaged, I am someone fiance *show off my engagement ring*. I don’t know how to feel except to feel weirdly happy. To be not too cheesy, I called my fiance, fionce in playful manners but it still awkward. We still adjusting to this new phase but everyday we are thankful because we have a family that support and bless our relationship and of course we are thankful of each other. He sweetly said thank you to me on our daily date because I accepted his proposal. I hope this sweetness has no expiry date.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So the E-day is not as chaos as I imagined, thank god! It’s not too smooth also, but it is perfect considering this is first time my family host this kind of event. Let’s go thru the event shall we;

  1. Dais – So it is DIY style and it shows, I mean it didn’t look professional but it’s pretty. To me personally I put too many flowers, and maybe too many curtain and too many lights. I guess because of too many of everything it became quite crowded. But still pretty.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

2. Dress – It’s just perfect. My sister said it is not rose gold but I search the colour in front of her and compared it to my dress and it didn’t look too far apart so I think we can consider it rose gold. My mom add pearls to my dress and it just sooo beautiful.

IMG_68223. Hantaran – Although not what I imagine, I couldn’t complain because it is so gorgeous and the most important is that we did it ourselves.I plan to do it with fresh flower but end up using plastic because it’s hard to find fresh flower, baby breath to be exact but still beautiful. And hantaran need a lot of flower, so be prepare to buy a lot

4. Food – My dad in charge of this and he chose a great catering but the problem is miscommunication between him and the caterer. He asked for 70 pax for 2 dishes but the caterer assume it’s 35 for 1 dish and another 35 for the other dish. So end up the food seem not enough.

5. Photographer – Because I’m kind of in a budget I just hire my friend to do it. He is not professional photographer but he always took nice picture of us so I ask him to help. His picture is beautiful but since he is lacking in experience and this is just a favor I cannot treat him like a photographer. But the picture is still awesome

6. Make up – Actually I don’t want to have a MUA but my mom insist on it. Thankfully my aunt is an amazing mua and successfully make me look so pretty. I rarely put on make up so I looked weird at first and my fionce never like my face with make up but that day he said I looked pretty, I decided to trust him

7.Atmosphere – Lively? hahaha I’m not the one to judged since I am too preoccupied with myself and how to entertained my friends. I have to say I don’t have to do much since fionce family  and my family are big and fun.

So in conclusion I said it is a successful event. Everyone having fun I don’t know what else I could wish for.

I guess till wedding day?!


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