Movie Review: Room

My second movie review. As the title said it is a movie call Room. It’s a pretty great movie and the lead actress won an Oscar for it, so maybe some of you guys already watch it, if not then you guys better watch it. I watched it quite long time ago and forgot most of the details but I will google it to write this post. But hey I really watch it okay!



It’s totally going to be my words so I am pretty messy and not going to be so details. The story revolve around this woman with her son living in a room for the past  7 years, the son born inside that tiny room and believe that only the room is a reality and everything he watched on TV is only makeup stuff. The woman got abducted by this pervert old man and he came once a while to have sex. Super gross!!!! You guys must think like what didn’t she escaped? so it’s like this, the old guy is the only one that have the access to the room and if she knock that guy unconscious she also cannot get the hell out from the room.

Imagine your life living in a small room with super small toilet and like a single bed, a super old TV  for 7 years! The urge to kill your self is just so damn high but the woman has a son so he has to be strong for her son. So the climax is when the old guy said that he lost his job and cannot come and send groceries to the woman anymore because he didn’t have the money, so the woman think the guy will get rid of her and her son, the guy is the father if you guys still didn’t get it. So she plan something super genius and brave with her son and the managed to get out!

After that it’s just her struggle to get used with the out side life and how her son help her do it.


This story is also based on a book that based on a true story, you guys can google it. The story of a Austria? Russia? dad put his daughter in a basement and make her pregnant like 7-8 times and have all her kids grew up inside the basement. Freaking unreal and crazy! So this story is a must watch story according to me!

Till next awesome movie!