Movie Review: The girl on the train


Hmmm.. I thought I should make a new year post since it’s 2017 and all but then I was like, maybe not. It’s just another year. I can make new year post next year if I’m still alive and earth is still exist.

I watched the movie finally. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie becauseee people call it the next Gone Girl and I’m like super obsessed with Gone Girl. The movie is just superb. who doesn’t want to get revenge on your lying cheating husband right?


I love Emily Blunt and she is the main character so yay! the story obvi start on the train. Where’s Blunt kept looking outside the train she rode and watched a house from a far. The best thing is the house that she watched situated not far from her old house with her old ex-husband. Yup she divorced guys! you would think who on their right mind want to divorce the beautiful, funny and charming Blunt? no one! but in the movie she is an alcoholic. She became like that because she wanted to have a baby but cannot and stuff happened in her old marriage.

The  house that she kept watching owned by this beautiful and happy couple as per Blunt imagination. Hmmmm.. she doesn’t even know them. So one day the wife died. Mystery! and to make things worst Blunt couldn’t remember anything and she thought she killed the wife since she stop at the station near the house to find the wife because the wife cheated on her husband, so Blunt thought. And remember I said that her ex-husband house is near that house? yea, basically her ex know the couple she kept stalking.

I will not tell the rest… you guys should watch it. Not a bad movie but not on par with Gone Girl. This movie is lack of mystery, I mean I could definitely almost tell the ending at the middle of the story. Soooo it’s still an okay movie.



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