Drama Review: Fight for Our Way

kim-ji-won-park-seo-joonSo if you are like me, a millennial you definitely can relate to this Korean Drama, yes guys another Korean Drama 😉

This drama is about this four youngster who has different dreams and try to achieve it in this challenging world. So like if you are still studying and your parents still support you, you not yet face the challenge. In real world, like job world; it’s totally different. You met your annoying boss, bitchy colleague and a lot of weirdo, trust me. This drama is totally close to our heart.

The main characters are Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra, they have besties which are, Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee. So Dong Man, Ae Ra and Seol Hee are childhood friends. Joo Man come later and become Seol Hee 7 years BF. I feel more related to them since I also had 7 years long relationship. They live in this really poor neighbourhood since at the beginning of the drama all of them is doing lousy jobs just to earn money. I feel you, this is my life right now.

Dong Man dreams is to become a fighter as he was National Taek Kwan Do fighter before something happened and destroyed his dream. Meanwhile Ae Ra dreams is to become an announcer aka anchor but after a lot of interview she realise it’s hard to achieve. Thus their journey for their dream began. Wait K-Drama without love story? not likely! in the meantime this story focus on Ae Ra and Dong Man relationship how both of them refuse to believe they have feelings for each other.

I rate this drama 3.5/5, it’s not bad very light drama and easy to enjoy!

P/S: When will achieve my dream?




Drama Review: Cheese in the trap


Have I told you guys I am a hardcore K-pop lover? probably not hardcore but still pretty obsess.

So today, I’m going to tell you guys about this drama I super2 love. Everyone should really watch this drama, I’m telling you. This drama is based on webtoon with the same name. What is webtoon? please guys, live in the millennia -__- It’s like manga, comic but only available in web, hence the webtoon. At first you guys must think, typical romance drama about kids in university but hell no, it’s NOT!

Let me explain the character first, so we have Yoo Jung (main character), Hong Seol (the heroin), Baek In Ho and Baek In Ha (the twin) and Jang Bora and Kwon Eun Taek (Seol friends). I mean of course on first look it will look like typical lovey dovey drama, guy likes girl try to win her heart, yadayada but it more complex since it start with Yoo Jung kind of weird personality (Yoo Jung sunbae pls don’t hate me for calling your personality weird.) He has this call a victim mentality. Thanks to his dad -_- basically his weird and dark personality make Hong Seol hate him and try to stay away from him.

Seol really want to stay away from Yoo Jung sunbae, since his so twisted and smart. He successfully make Seol life in Uni a disaster one. But amazingly the next semester he likes her and try to befriend her. The freak out Seol obvi don’t want that. I mean he did make Seol want to quit her study, so go figure how hellish her life was. But since he likes her now, he tried to make up for it by being extra nice to her. And then Seol doubt herself, like is he really that evil? or is he nice? then she get to know her and realize his just like a kid. The rest, you guys should really watch it. Other than their relationship this drama also focus on student life, family, self-problem and a lot more.

So you might want rethink again about not watching this drama. It’s so good. It told the story of uni student so well. I mean I already told half the story don’t you guys want to know more? I bet you guys do.  Well the drama was done beautifully, all the character match well with the webtoon and it almost 99% follow the webtoon except the ending. Like the ending caused an uproar in Korea. People literally went nuts since the director didn’t do it the way it should be. But to be fair the webtoon is still ongoing during the drama. Still the director can make it a little better!