Drama Review: Cheese in the trap


Have I told you guys I am a hardcore K-pop lover? probably not hardcore but still pretty obsess.

So today, I’m going to tell you guys about this drama I super2 love. Everyone should really watch this drama, I’m telling you. This drama is based on webtoon with the same name. What is webtoon? please guys, live in the millennia -__- It’s like manga, comic but only available in web, hence the webtoon. At first you guys must think, typical romance drama about kids in university but hell no, it’s NOT!

Let me explain the character first, so we have Yoo Jung (main character), Hong Seol (the heroin), Baek In Ho and Baek In Ha (the twin) and Jang Bora and Kwon Eun Taek (Seol friends). I mean of course on first look it will look like typical lovey dovey drama, guy likes girl try to win her heart, yadayada but it more complex since it start with Yoo Jung kind of weird personality (Yoo Jung sunbae pls don’t hate me for calling your personality weird.) He has this call a victim mentality. Thanks to his dad -_- basically his weird and dark personality make Hong Seol hate him and try to stay away from him.

Seol really want to stay away from Yoo Jung sunbae, since his so twisted and smart. He successfully make Seol life in Uni a disaster one. But amazingly the next semester he likes her and try to befriend her. The freak out Seol obvi don’t want that. I mean he did make Seol want to quit her study, so go figure how hellish her life was. But since he likes her now, he tried to make up for it by being extra nice to her. And then Seol doubt herself, like is he really that evil? or is he nice? then she get to know her and realize his just like a kid. The rest, you guys should really watch it. Other than their relationship this drama also focus on student life, family, self-problem and a lot more.

So you might want rethink again about not watching this drama. It’s so good. It told the story of uni student so well. I mean I already told half the story don’t you guys want to know more? I bet you guys do.  Well the drama was done beautifully, all the character match well with the webtoon and it almost 99% follow the webtoon except the ending. Like the ending caused an uproar in Korea. People literally went nuts since the director didn’t do it the way it should be. But to be fair the webtoon is still ongoing during the drama. Still the director can make it a little better!




Movie Review: Arrival


I must be on fireee! two post two days in a row! hahahahha I just watched this movie yesterday so I don’t want to forget. I tend to easily forget movie I watched.I love alien invasion, sci-fi movie. So that’s why I super excite for this movie. Alsoooo this movie has Amy Adams (people say she is the new Leonardo Di Caprio since she’s in all great movie  and act awesomely but didn’t get recognition she deserve)


Soooo it’s start with of Amy Adams narrates story about her daughter. Wait, Adams character was call Louise. So the flash back scene of  the daughter is dying of cancer and she was devastated. Then, present time! an UFO landed in US and 12 others location around the world. it just float there and open their door every 18 hours to let human enter their spaceship probably to let human chat with them. So every expert around the country try to communicate with them and ask why are you here? what is your purpose of coming here? things like that. Human is super terrified if the alien want to destroy all human.

But the thing is the language is different so this where Louise come in, she is a language lecturer and US Govt need her help to translate what the alien were saying. So Louise and Ian ( played by Jeremy Ranner) try to translate and understand the language. So after I guess a month of handwork they finally understand, what the alien were saying but using writing. It’s kind a hard to understand what they were saying since they practically make sounds only. Ooo and the aliens were call Heptapods. They kind a look like giant squids.

So when the finally get to ask the aliens why they are here, the aliens said Give weapons? aaaa I don’t remember! but something like that and that result in chaos, human get all defensive and ready to war! I guess that’s why we will always be the under develop planet  -_-

Okayyy that’s all… watch it, read it since this movie is also based on a novel title, Story of your life. This movie definitely no Interstellar or Sign  but you can definitely feels the connection. Nowadays when I watch movie, I try to imagine what if I was reading the book instead of watching the movie? well this movie is superb as a book.


I never thought of myself as introvert before. I think I’m just socially awkward and everyone is like that when they meet other people. Not in my 25 years of life I thought I am an introvert. So… when I read all this introvert stuff I felt weirdly connected. So i read and search more about this condition and wallahh, I guess I am kind of introvert but not the severe one laa, just so-so. Thank god, how more socially awkward I can be if I’m super introvert?

Everyone, please take this test to know what kind of person are you?


Hmmmm…. let me tell you life of introvert, it isn’t necessarily mean you are shy it just mean, you are uncomfortable to talk to other people but when your are comfortable with the person you will talk until someone ask you to shut the fuck up! literally. So I have a few people I’m comfortable with, my family, my feyonce, my close friends (which you can literally count with 2 hands and you still have 1 finger left)

And we are easily socially exhausted. Like if I go out today, I don’t want to go out tomorrow. I already use all my social quota today. You get it? I just want to stay in my bed, watching movies, drama or reading. Don’t disturb please! And during a party you will be bored out of your mind and wish to go back home early even the party is full of people you will literally feel annoyed. I find myself to do that quite often. It’s not that I hate everyone. But I really2 treasure my alone time.

I guess other people when they meet socially awkward person they be like, why so awkward, get out from your comfort zone or why you do nothing all weekend? yada yada It just me being me and I it was GLORIOUS!


Movie Review: The girl on the train


Hmmm.. I thought I should make a new year post since it’s 2017 and all but then I was like, maybe not. It’s just another year. I can make new year post next year if I’m still alive and earth is still exist.

I watched the movie finally. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie becauseee people call it the next Gone Girl and I’m like super obsessed with Gone Girl. The movie is just superb. who doesn’t want to get revenge on your lying cheating husband right?


I love Emily Blunt and she is the main character so yay! the story obvi start on the train. Where’s Blunt kept looking outside the train she rode and watched a house from a far. The best thing is the house that she watched situated not far from her old house with her old ex-husband. Yup she divorced guys! you would think who on their right mind want to divorce the beautiful, funny and charming Blunt? no one! but in the movie she is an alcoholic. She became like that because she wanted to have a baby but cannot and stuff happened in her old marriage.

The  house that she kept watching owned by this beautiful and happy couple as per Blunt imagination. Hmmmm.. she doesn’t even know them. So one day the wife died. Mystery! and to make things worst Blunt couldn’t remember anything and she thought she killed the wife since she stop at the station near the house to find the wife because the wife cheated on her husband, so Blunt thought. And remember I said that her ex-husband house is near that house? yea, basically her ex know the couple she kept stalking.

I will not tell the rest… you guys should watch it. Not a bad movie but not on par with Gone Girl. This movie is lack of mystery, I mean I could definitely almost tell the ending at the middle of the story. Soooo it’s still an okay movie.


Wedding Preparation


Soooo I’m getting marry 🙂 and the preparation is starting. I kept saying to people, it’s still far from my wedding date but the true is, it’s only about 8 months to my big date! OMG!!! and there is a lot of things that I still unable to settle. For example, goodies. I have back and forth discussion about it with my mom. My mom is 5 minutes decision kind of person, she could buy 500 box of goodies and then change her mind and buy another 500 other stuff. So the last time I met her she kind of determined to give bunga telur for goodies and I have no say at all. Feyonce said it’s cool since my mom is super hype to plan the wedding butttt I want it to be my way tooooo T_T *cry a river*

Dress, so basically I have 3 dresses for the wedding. First is for Nikah, I already went to the tailor and it basically settle, the other one is for my reception. So for that one I already have the linen and all I just need to find the right tailor and it is hard!!! I heard about people went to the wrong tailor and her wedding dress is a mess so I’m super freak out right now!  the third dress I will wear it at feyonce to be husband reception. So that one is basically okay since we will rent the dress and since I am size normal it’s not hard for me but must be super hard for feyonce. Feels sorry for him.

I already find caterer/wedding and my mom will meet the wedding planner but I will meet the wedding planner too since I have few request for the wedding and for my dais. We will also need to find tok kadi for akad nikah and I asked my dad to deal with it since he knows people and it will be easier for him. I already chose the mosque for akad nikah because no way I will do it at my home, too much work -_-

Basically to plan a wedding you need patience, with out it you will become bridezilla and since by the look at it my mom is the one who will become a bridezilla because it practically her second wedding. soooooo yay


Movie Review: Room

My second movie review. As the title said it is a movie call Room. It’s a pretty great movie and the lead actress won an Oscar for it, so maybe some of you guys already watch it, if not then you guys better watch it. I watched it quite long time ago and forgot most of the details but I will google it to write this post. But hey I really watch it okay!



It’s totally going to be my words so I am pretty messy and not going to be so details. The story revolve around this woman with her son living in a room for the past  7 years, the son born inside that tiny room and believe that only the room is a reality and everything he watched on TV is only makeup stuff. The woman got abducted by this pervert old man and he came once a while to have sex. Super gross!!!! You guys must think like what didn’t she escaped? so it’s like this, the old guy is the only one that have the access to the room and if she knock that guy unconscious she also cannot get the hell out from the room.

Imagine your life living in a small room with super small toilet and like a single bed, a super old TV  for 7 years! The urge to kill your self is just so damn high but the woman has a son so he has to be strong for her son. So the climax is when the old guy said that he lost his job and cannot come and send groceries to the woman anymore because he didn’t have the money, so the woman think the guy will get rid of her and her son, the guy is the father if you guys still didn’t get it. So she plan something super genius and brave with her son and the managed to get out!

After that it’s just her struggle to get used with the out side life and how her son help her do it.


This story is also based on a book that based on a true story, you guys can google it. The story of a Austria? Russia? dad put his daughter in a basement and make her pregnant like 7-8 times and have all her kids grew up inside the basement. Freaking unreal and crazy! So this story is a must watch story according to me!

Till next awesome movie!


My bf and I had been together for 6 years plus, we met at Uni and still together until now and as you know we are planning to get married. To say that our relationship is easy breezy is not true and we’ve been through hell together.Being in love when you are in your early 20 is not easy. Mostly because you still have a mind of a teenager and everyone knows teenager doesn’t always make a good decision.


On the first year it’s all unicorn, rainbow and everything nice because we still in the first phase. Even if we were mad, we still try out best to hide our true feelings. Especially for him, he is not the type to confront me directly. But when we started our Degree it’s kind of rocky road for us and I think we broke up with each other for about 10 times! Usually I initiated it.There were plenty of reason on why our relationship was so bad that time, but I have to say that our stubbornness contribute so much!


In addition we both were pretty young, and this is our first real relationship so we cannot refer to our last relationship because we have none. I am an outspoken person with serious issue of wrong tone to voice out  my opinion and he is I-don’t-want-to-deal with problem let’s assume we have none. As you know I need to address the problem. I cannot ignore it and every time I did that I use the wrong tone and made him all defensive.

Now that I’m quite older (not that old) I learn a lot and to avoid the same fight, I use more reasonable tone. Always start with “kenapa etc etc etc” and wait for him to explain nicely so we can have a civil conversation without shouting like crazy people.Instead of being immature bitch, get jealous at every girl he interacted with, I try to calm myself by reminding myself that when I get jealous its my problem, I have self esteem issue and I am the only one who can solve it. It’s no use to get mad at him especially when the interaction is innocent.


But of course we have long way to go. There are a lot of thing to learn. There is no such thing as perfect relationship and I am so annoyed by #relationshipgoal because it’s so superficial.People just show you things they want you to see. Every relationship is different, you cannot compare your relationship with others. Some people give lavish gift to their SO on daily basis or on special occasion like what Kanye do with Kim K but do you really want an asshole to be your husband? see everyone is different try to embrace it.  Relationship about accepting your other half flaws and he/she to do the same.