Drama Review: Younger


I don’t know why I don’t watch this series earlier! like as soon as I know about it, because I notice this series like couple years ago. But I didn’t watch it when I first knew about it. But I ran out of drama series to watch and Hilary Duff is in it so I was like, why not?

This drama is based on a book with the same title, Younger. This drama revolve around Liza, a forty years old divorcee who found out her whole world collapse when she found out her husband cheated on her. Then she need to find a job in order to support herself and her daughter. She went to every publishing company but they didn’t hire 40 something year old lady since the 20 something also has the qualification to do the job. This when it all happen, Still Liza, butttt 26 years old now, yeah she kind a cheated her age to get a lousy job. A Personal Assistant that is!

So now she got the job, a PA to this awesome lady boss, at first watching this you will not find her as awesome boss but soon you will 😉 and because she is old, she kind a handle it pretty well, oh how I want Liza experience but in my age duhhhh. so at that company, she met Hilary Duff or known as Kelsey, they became best friend because Kelsey is a nice person who help Liza a lot. To make matters complicated, Liza has a new boyfriend around my age, a cool tattoo artist name Josh, and Josh practically in love with Liza and yes he doesn’t know her real age….  but then he knows, I can’t remember how he knows, but good news he still love her, or does he? well you need to watchhh if you want to know!

See how complicated is that? I mean like you have this other life you have to hide from this new people you just meet. I watched this series untill season 3 to be honest, then I don’t have time to watch it but I am planning to continue becauseeeee well the story line is good and full of surprise, definitely can be categorized as guilty pleasure drama series. Guys watch it pleaseeeee, for god sakes, Hilary Duff in it, and when is the last time you guys watch Hilary Duff in TV? I know, it was when she Guest Star in Gossip Girl right? like thousand years agooooo.


P/S: Hmmmm but if you are 40 you definitely don’t want to admit it right?



Movie Review: The girl on the train


Hmmm.. I thought I should make a new year post since it’s 2017 and all but then I was like, maybe not. It’s just another year. I can make new year post next year if I’m still alive and earth is still exist.

I watched the movie finally. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie becauseee people call it the next Gone Girl and I’m like super obsessed with Gone Girl. The movie is just superb. who doesn’t want to get revenge on your lying cheating husband right?


I love Emily Blunt and she is the main character so yay! the story obvi start on the train. Where’s Blunt kept looking outside the train she rode and watched a house from a far. The best thing is the house that she watched situated not far from her old house with her old ex-husband. Yup she divorced guys! you would think who on their right mind want to divorce the beautiful, funny and charming Blunt? no one! but in the movie she is an alcoholic. She became like that because she wanted to have a baby but cannot and stuff happened in her old marriage.

The  house that she kept watching owned by this beautiful and happy couple as per Blunt imagination. Hmmmm.. she doesn’t even know them. So one day the wife died. Mystery! and to make things worst Blunt couldn’t remember anything and she thought she killed the wife since she stop at the station near the house to find the wife because the wife cheated on her husband, so Blunt thought. And remember I said that her ex-husband house is near that house? yea, basically her ex know the couple she kept stalking.

I will not tell the rest… you guys should watch it. Not a bad movie but not on par with Gone Girl. This movie is lack of mystery, I mean I could definitely almost tell the ending at the middle of the story. Soooo it’s still an okay movie.


Movie Review: Room

My second movie review. As the title said it is a movie call Room. It’s a pretty great movie and the lead actress won an Oscar for it, so maybe some of you guys already watch it, if not then you guys better watch it. I watched it quite long time ago and forgot most of the details but I will google it to write this post. But hey I really watch it okay!



It’s totally going to be my words so I am pretty messy and not going to be so details. The story revolve around this woman with her son living in a room for the past  7 years, the son born inside that tiny room and believe that only the room is a reality and everything he watched on TV is only makeup stuff. The woman got abducted by this pervert old man and he came once a while to have sex. Super gross!!!! You guys must think like what didn’t she escaped? so it’s like this, the old guy is the only one that have the access to the room and if she knock that guy unconscious she also cannot get the hell out from the room.

Imagine your life living in a small room with super small toilet and like a single bed, a super old TV  for 7 years! The urge to kill your self is just so damn high but the woman has a son so he has to be strong for her son. So the climax is when the old guy said that he lost his job and cannot come and send groceries to the woman anymore because he didn’t have the money, so the woman think the guy will get rid of her and her son, the guy is the father if you guys still didn’t get it. So she plan something super genius and brave with her son and the managed to get out!

After that it’s just her struggle to get used with the out side life and how her son help her do it.


This story is also based on a book that based on a true story, you guys can google it. The story of a Austria? Russia? dad put his daughter in a basement and make her pregnant like 7-8 times and have all her kids grew up inside the basement. Freaking unreal and crazy! So this story is a must watch story according to me!

Till next awesome movie!

Movie Review: Spotlight

I thought I should do movie review. But of course I’m not going to be ‘the expert’ it’s totally going to be my point of view and I wanted to do the not really commercialize movie like Spotlight. Commercialize movie is movie that is heavily promoted. Example: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, etc. etc. I will also make a review on the commercialize movie I really like but I will focus on the low profile kind of movie first. Because these are the movie you guys should watch, such an eye opening!



Spotlight is starred by Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdam, Micheal Keaton, Stanly Tucci (my fav, such an amazing actor) and many more households name. It won Best Picture in the last Oscar and get 96% in Rotten Tomatoes so you guys can guess how awesome this movie is! So this story basically about priest in Boston that molested kids from their church and a group of reporter from Boston Globe tried to make the story to the public eye. But you know it’s hard because it’s priest! they suppose to be all holy! And a lot of higher people try to stop the story from happening because church is such a strong organization that connect people in Boston. They interviewed the molested kids who most of them are grown up and called themselves survivor because they are! Some of the molested kids kill themselves. They also interviewed the priest and one of the priest didn’t think what they did is wrong, so you see what the problem here. The scarier part is that, Church know about it and keep it hiding. What they did is transferred these priest around where this priest will continue to do the same to other kids! Unfortunately, 9/11 happened so they have to stop about this priest story to focus on the 9/11. So this story took months to publish.


This is a true story and I am a sucker for movie based on true story. This story simply make you very afraid of religious body and it’s not only in US but the whole world. Because Catholic Church covered it up from the top. I am not a Christian but still knowing all these kids get molested by the person they trusted the most? that is a nightmare! Some of the parents even agreed to keep it in secret. How is that making any sense. Religion is important but to not know the different between right and wrong? I don’t know about that.

So this story definitely in must watch list! keep on reading to read more movie review, you guys might even find the right movie for you guys!